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Big News!

My upcoming album 'Hidden Seas' will be supported by PRS Foundation Open Fund!

'Nautilus' Is Out Now!

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The Fall Dance (In A Sleeping Mood Remix)

'Dream R' Video Premiere On The Creators Project

I'm extremely happy to be premiering My Elastic Brain’s incredible animation for my song, 'Dream R’, on The Creators Project, VICE’s arts and culture site. You can watch it HERE now.

Keep dreaming!
Hope you enjoy it x

Sketches For The Fall Dance


Really enjoying the tour so far! Here are a few songs we’ve been listening to lately and on our way to the shows.

Tickets for the UK tour are on sale now HERE.

Sketches For The Fall Dance


For most, tuning out daily thoughts and checklists are the hardest part about getting to sleep at night. But for me, these musings that loom and keep me from my slumbers come in a musical form.

I hear the melodies swirling around my mind at night, so I always make sure I have a recording device at my side, otherwise I’d never get any sleep. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and before I’ve had my coffee or I've sat down at the piano, before writing even a single note down, I have complete clarity in my mind of how I want the score to sound.

It's become a daily habit of breaking down little pieces from the scores in my subconscious and arranging them onto paper like a jigsaw puzzle of my melodic dreams. With 'The Fall Dance', I hope to take you on a journey. The songs observe and explore the visions of my night times and the dream-like variations of my real life experiences. Each score has a story behind it and it's been wonderful to work with such great musicians on each track. Playing alongside talented people who understand your direction is a unique experience that can continually push compositions further.

I truly believe that music is about allowing ourselves to be human, to be sincere with our emotions and discover the freedom to express them. My choice of expression is music and the urgency to be honest with myself. I hope that others will find their own truths between the notes.

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Sketches For The Fall Dance


This album has been stuck inside my head for a long time, so now it’s out for all to hear, I thought I’d share a little about what these songs mean to me. This is part one of my ‘Sketches For The Fall Dance’.

Here's some behind the scenes footage of 'The Fall Dance'. We recorded the album less then a year ago and it's already been such an incredible journey. One of the tracks you can hear in this video is the title track, which I was inspired to write by one of my favourite artists, the choreographer Pina Bausch. When I started piecing this track together I never thought of it as pure composition but as an urgent need to express some feelings which were difficult to put into words. This music is about letting those feelings explode. 

I hope you enjoy it.

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The Fall Dance UK Tour 2017

Tickets On Sale HERE

'The Fall Dance' Is Out Now!

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